Mailing a package

Currently the only way to send a package to the CCC Children’s Home is by mail via the US postal service. Depending on the size of the package, shipping can be quite expensive and somewhat slow. Sponsors are encouraged to send packages once per year in early August for the beginning of school in September. You can find suggestions and more details about what to send on the SEND A PACKAGE page. You can get the required custom forms at your post office or go to

Suggested Information for the Customs Form

Your child’s name


P.O. Box 264

Soddo, Woliatta

Ethiopia Postal code “Woliatta”


In case of non-delivery “treat as abandoned”

Contents “gift”

Delivery type “airmail”

No insurance

Exemption and Exclusion Legend or PFC “Value is $2500 or less” Anything that could leak should be put in a zip-locked bag. Do not send money, electronics, or valuables.


Who do I contact about becoming a sponsor or if I have questions about Aerie Africa?

Please e-mail us at

How can I help if I’m not a sponsor?

Our annual sponsorship donations cover about 60% of our budget. We welcome all contributions, small and large, to help meet the needs of our children at the home. You can donate by clicking the donate button at the top of the page. We accept Paypal and credit cards, or you can write a check and mail it to the address on the Contact Us page. If you’re interested in more information about specific projects or needs, please email us at

How much does it cost to become a sponsor?

Please contact us at to inquire about our annual sponsor donation. The amount can be paid in one lump sum annually, or other arrangements can be made. Sponsors are additionally encouraged to send 1 small package annually for the start of the school year.

Can more than one family sponsor the same child?

We do have a few children who are sponsored by two families. Some of them know each other and work together on their packages and letters, but it’s not required.

Why should sponsors send an annual package?

Packages serve two purposes. First, the small items, (i.e., toothbrushes, clothing, etc.) provide essential materials for the children. Second, the personal letters and photos that are sent become treasures for the children as the items are uniquely theirs.

How often should I send a package?

A sponsor can send a package as often as they like, however, we encourage that sponsors send at least one package per year in September. September is a big holiday month in Ethiopia (including Ethiopian New Year and a big holiday called Meskal). Students also start school during this month. It’s a great time for kids to receive a new t-shirt or some small school supplies. The kids love to receive letters and photos all year long.

What should I include in a package?

Because September is the start of school, kids love to receive a few small school supply items, like special pencils, erasers, sharpener, etc. The kids can always benefit from some simple clothing items like a t-shirt, socks, etc. or a new toothbrush. You can also check out a more detailed suggestion list here.

What about sending photos and letters?

English reading and writing skills vary widely among the children and staff. If your child is still developing these skills, older children will translate and help them write letters back to you.

How do I know if my package was received?

It can take 3-6 weeks for packages to arrive in Soddo, Ethiopia. The children are encouraged to write letters back to you after they receive a package. If you don’t receive a letter from your sponsored child (approx. 8-10 weeks after mailing your package), or you’re just curious about the arrival of your package, feel free to email us at and we’ll gladly follow up.

How do I stay informed with the progress of my child and the home in general?

Please check this web site or our Facebook page for updates. If you have more specific inquiries, feel free to email

Under what circumstances do children come to the CCC Children’s Home?

The CCC Children’s Home is a home for orphaned and vulnerable children. While priority goes to children who are “double orphaned,” meaning they’ve lost both parents, in many cases the children are “single orphaned” (loss of one parent), but for some reason the living parent in unable to provide care for the child. This can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from physical or mental illness, incarceration, or economics. Before accepting a child in to the home, Aerie Africa and CCC work with governmental departments and non-governmental agencies to verify the child’s status and determine whether there are other more suitable options to assure that they are safe and properly cared for. It is only after other options are exhausted, and after the approval of the regional Bureau of Women’s Affairs, that a child would come to the CCC Children’s Home.

Is Aerie Africa involved in international adoption?

Aerie Africa is not an adoption agency and the children at the CCC Children’s Home are not being considered for adoption.



If you would like to learn more about our organization and the children of Soddo, please contact us at:

US correspondence

Aerie Africa, Inc. – 17 Belamour Drive – Washington Crossing – PA 18977 – USA
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Ethiopian correspondence

Child’s Name
P.O. Box 264 – Soddo, Wolaitta – Ethiopia