Our Mission

Mekdes and Dr. Kelemu


Quick Facts

  • CCC: the Ethiopian side of the Aerie Africa / CCC partnership and the implementing partner for the CCC Children's Home
  • Ethiopia: a country of approx. 90 million people in the Horn of Africa region
  • Wolaita Soddo: the administrative capital of the Wolaita Zone in southern Ethiopia and the location of the CCC Home
  • Orphaned Children in Ethiopia: between 4.5 and 5.5 million having lost at least one parent
  • Children at the CCC Children's Home: 54, between ages of 3 and 18
  • Young adults in the Aerie Africa / CCC Transitional Program: 11 between the ages of 18-21
  • Young adults in university and college programs supported by Aerie Africa / CCC: 11, between the ages of 20-25
  • Staff at the CCC Children's Home: 17, including care-takers, nurses, cooks, gardener, compound guards, etc.

Founding and History of Aerie Africa

"A program built on the
of Seeds of Hope"

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